Day Seven (the last day)

I’m going to stop counting the COVID days after today, because I think it’s pretty much done. I’m back to work Monday, so…yay. I have a bad feeling about what my Inbox is going to look like when I get back, but that’s Monday’s problem. It’s still the weekend.

Because COVID struck me before I could get our week’s groceries (over time I’ve evolved into less of a “Buy it all in one trip” person and more a “a few things here, a few things there” person), we’ve been cobbling things together here and there. My mother was gracious enough to pick up a few items for us on her trips, and then on Thursday I decided that I would try The Store’s curbside-grocery pickup thing. Since we also needed a dinner plan, I also figured I’d use The Store’s curbside “meals to go” thing and order some sushi for The Wife and a pizza for The Daughter and I. Easy!

Except…I’d never done the Curbside Grocery Ordering thing before, and it turns out that you have to do it way in advance. Like, probably the day before. This makes sense, now that I think about it: someone actually has to run around the store and literally “shop” the order, which takes time, and there are only so many employees available to do that. So you place your order and pick a time slot at which time you’ll expect to go pick up your stuff. I went to make my order at 4pm last night, and found that we couldn’t pick up until today. Oops. Again, that’s on me for just not knowing how it all works.

We did get the pizza and sushi, though! Another funny item: when ordering the pizza on the app, when it got to the toppings, I wanted pepperoni and sausage on the whole thing, and banana peppers on half. The app asked me what side I wanted the peppers on: the left or the right! That struck me as a really weird question. Does anybody care what physical side that only-half topping is on? I thought back to all the really weird customer interactions I had at Pizza Hut, and I couldn’t remember anyone ever lodging a complaint about their toppings being on the wrong side. I’d have pithily said, “Well, flip it around and it’ll be right!”

Of course, a minute or two later I recognized what the app was trying to do: that’s the phraseology they came up with to allow for pizzas like “pepperoni and sausage on half, mushroom and onions on the other half”. So you would input the pepperoni and the sausage on the left, and the mushrooms and the onions on the right. Makes perfect sense, but sometimes you encounter things that are perfectly logical but phrased in ways you don’t expect and it takes a bit of thinking to catch up.

(For the record, I had them put the peppers on the right. Which they did!)

Anyway, now it’s Saturday: Farmer’s Market, a quick trip to our favorite local bakery, and we have to pick up our groceries. We also have to do laundry and I’m way overdue in vacuuming the upstairs. Oh, and writing! Gotta write. I’m on a streak, and you have to respect the streak.

And now, time to finish this coffee and attack the day. I close with a cat.

Remy watching a bee that got inside.



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