Denver International Airport??!!

Via MeFi I see, which purports to be “America’s favorite architecture”, in which 150 buildings are listed in a ranking determined by some kind of public polling methodology.

There are some very notable buildings here, but some are headscatchers — a hotel in Vegas, Denver International Airport, and so on. One wonders if the World Trade Center would have made the list had it not been destroyed, since I’ve yet to read anything highly complimentary of that building’s architecture.

And in the entire list, not one building from Buffalo. Harumph.

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2 Responses to Denver International Airport??!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    After seeing so many other Union Station buildings, I was glad to see KC’s. It didn’t make my top five, though.

    The WTC was notable before it was destroyed, but I doubt it would have ranked so highly otherwise.


  2. Aaron says:

    I remember Denver International being a big deal when it opened. I don’t hate it, but meh. The Bellagio is pretty cool, especially when you factor in the water show.

    Was starting to think that I wouldn’t see anything from the Twin Cities. I love the IDS, but my favorite downtown is the Wells Fargo Center, especially at night. Add in 225 South Sixth, and you’ve got a winning trio.

    The addition to the Walker is nice, but what I think makes it great is the way it comes together with the existing building in a cool sort of hodge-podge.

    Gehry, I either love him or hate him. I love both that are included. The Weisman perched on the east bank is one of my favorite sights in Minneapolis.

    Minneapolis City Hall would have also gotten a vote from me. As well as the Iowa State Capitol.

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