Dispatches from Warwickshire

It was Faire Time this weekend! Specifically, our more-annual-than-not trip to the Sterling Renaissance Festival. A good time was had by all, but for the “Pics or it didn’t happen” lot, here are pics.

It starts with turkey legs.

We stood in line for half an hour to get a turkey leg. #yum #sterlingrenaissancefestival #renfest #renfaire

There’s always a parade, featuring Her Majesty the Queen.

God save the Queen! #sterlingrenaissancefestival #renfest #renfaire

Strike up, pipers! #sterlingrenaissancefestival #renfest #renfaire

Piper and fiddler #sterlingrenaissancefestival #renfest #renfaire

People-watching is always a prime pleasure:



faire 2

faire 3

faire 4

faire 5

I bought a couple new mugs (no idea where to put them in our kitchen, but that’s a problem for another time), an oil lamp (for use in my library), a hand-carved jewelry box for The Wife, an ocarina for The Daughter, and another knick-knack or two. I managed to not buy a quill pen with inkwell, but I don’t think I’ll dodge that bullet next year. And I passed up this amazing lamp-post with dragon:


This is a vendor whose wares are sadly still well beyond my price range, but…someday. Oh yes.

Special mention should be made of this fine vendor, who went to special efforts to get a signal on his wireless doodad of mercantile magic.

This vendor's efforts to get a signal to complete the sale did not go unnoticed. #sterlingrenaissancefestival #renfest #renfaire

And then there’s the jousting!

On the field of Tourney #sterlingrenaissancefestival #renfest #renfaire

Knights await melee, fisticuffs, tomfoolery, and roughhousing. #sterlingrenaissancefestival #renfest #renfaire

To battle! #jousting #sterlingrenaissancefestival #renfest #renfaire

Order is maintained during the Tourney by the Impressive Scotsman…

The Impressive Scotsman takes the field. #sterlingrenaissancefestival #renfest #renfaire


…who must sometimes resort to forceful measures to maintain honor and peace on the Tourney Field.

Vexeth not the Impressive Scotsman! #sterlingrenaissancefestival #renfest #renfaire

But lurking behind it all is the watchful eye of Milady In Blue, whom I have decided is secretly scheming to revolt against Her Majesty the Queen and take the throne for herself. Maybe she has one of the knights bent to her will? Who knows!

The Queen crosses the Tourney field. What treachery doth Milady In Blue have in mind? #sterlingrenaissancefestival #renfest #renfaire



Milady In Blue. #sterlingrenaissancefestival #renfest #renfaire

What schemes might lie within Milady’s heart? Who knows! But I can tell you this: as fun as the Faire is, it’s even moreso when you’re a writer and you can fill a bit of downtime in the day’s activities by making stories about those around you…such as this fellow, who dared utter the most bitter calumny against the great Bard himself, Mr. Shakespeare.

The brigand who dared insult Shakespeare!

But maybe I’ll form more of a tale about him next year.


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  1. Jason says:

    Looks like fun. About 20 years ago, Anne and I went to Denver, CO, for a long weekend at a ren faire near there. They have a permanent "village" set up year-round, with activities all summer long. Very fun… can't believe it's been so long and that we've not gone back, though!

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