Doggos: an update

Hobbes (the greyhound) and Carla (the pittie) are both doing fine! Carla has been struggling with some arthritis in her joints, but last week she went to the vet for an injection of fluid into one of her troublesome joints, and she’s been doing really well since.

Meanwhile, you may remember that Hobbes got hurt last fall and has been struggling ever since. Well, his physical therapy has been going really well, and the next step is getting an orthotic that he’ll wear on the “bad” leg when he’s oot-and-aboot, which will help stabilize that leg. He uses that leg most of the time normally now anyway, but it’s not a hundred percent and we’re told the leg will never be a hundred percent again, but he can live a decent and normal life as a pet, which is the plan, anyway.

The other day we took both dogs to Knox Farm for a nice walk, which they greatly enjoyed, judging by their body language throughout.

I find something inherently funny about a greyhound coming across a speed bump.

A Wife and her dog.

Look at that smile!

Scritchy scratchy.

An odd photogenic moment for Hobbes! (He is usually all over the map when I’m trying to take his photo.)

Carla and me.

Oh, and I also got a few nice photos of this bird, which makes me feel good about my ongoing progress as a photographer!

A bird. It’s blue. That’s all I got.



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