Don’t you dare photograph this thing that is obviously intended to be photographed!

Alan Bedenko has the rundown on an obnoxious bit of copyright enforcement going on in Buffalo: a mural artist who painted a mural on donated exterior building wall-space, after saying that he intended it to be the kind of mural people photograph for Instagram and the like, is billing businesses in whose ad materials his mural shows up, and then suing them if they don’t pay up. No “cease-and-desist”, just straight to “Give me money”, and often directed at those with deep pockets. This honestly seems less like “an artist protecting their copyright” and more like “an artist using copyright to shake the money tree”.

I honestly wouldn’t be all that disturbed if the owner of the building where the mural resides decided they didn’t want any part of this and had the thing powerwashed out of existence.

Another couple of interesting points:

Indeed. There are a lot of fascinating and wonderful murals in Buffalo; this one isn’t really even one of them.

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