The door that opens is the winner!

A couple of thoughts on the finale of Hell’s Kitchen (highlight to read):

:: Jay got a bit too cocky. He ran a good dinner service, but listening to his constant trash-talking just got annoying.

:: I also got tired of hearing him drool over Holli. That’s what blogs are for. (Did he really think he was going to get a shot with her?)

:: Holli’s kitchen brigade for the final service was awful. Or maybe it just seemed that way due to editing. But the show really made it look as though Jay’s kitchen was a well-oiled machine while Holli’s was a Model-T that was missing a few parts.

:: I love the way they cut to Benjamin’s pouty face within seconds of Holli being revealed as the winner. That was great.

:: I’ve gotta wonder if part of Holli’s win was Gordon Ramsay looking at Holli’s son and thinking, “Geez, I can’t make that kid cry.”

:: Jean-Phillippe apparently doesn’t much like getting dowsed with champagne. Which is why that moment was really funny.

:: More next season! Can’t wait!

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One Response to The door that opens is the winner!

  1. Kerry says:

    You need to switch to "Top Chef." These people actually have skillz.

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