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ER was actually decent last night, although the effort to create a kind-of Breakfast Club story using the romantically-entangled Carter, Luca, Susan and Abby was rather forced. Still, it was nice to see a different kind of storytelling on the show, one which didn’t rely on wild and gory medical traumas and the impending demise of Dr. Greene. Of course, they made clear in the preview for next week that the Greene death-watch begins in earnest next week, with the sepulchral voice over intoning “From now on….every minute matters….every patient he sees….” while Dr. Greene walks in slow-motion toward the camera. Ick.

CSI, on the other hand, was as entertaining as always with a story involving the murder of four Buddhist monks, shot in the head at point blank range while they were praying. The “third-eye” imagery of the bulletholes was a nice detail. What an excellent show — all the better because it actually shows science being done right, instead of resorting to lame pseudoscientific rubbish.

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