The family that fiddles together….

I’ve been forgetting to link this wonderful Mary Kunz Goldman article from the Buffalo News about the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra’s newest member of the violin section, but I forget no more!

An audition with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra is always dramatic. But the recent audition the Philharmonic held for a first violinist was more than dramatic. It was historic.

The final round featured only a single anonymous candidate, who played behind a screen, as protocol dictates, while a committee listened closely.

At last, the candidate was approved and could step from behind the screen.

The audition committee gasped.

The mystery violinist was Megan Prokes, the 28-year-old daughter of longtime BPO violinist Robert Prokes. Hired by the BPO’s great former music director Julius Rudel, Robert Prokes recently celebrated 30 years with the orchestra.

Read the whole thing. It’s a lovely story of music in a family.

UPDATE: Wow, talk about timing — I link the original story and Goldman provides an update, on a few other family pairings in the history of the orchestra.

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