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Football stuff:

:: The Bills have played four games. Three of those have gone to overtime. They’ve won two of those, on touchdown passes. They are now 2-2. I’m still of the view that they are too young and raw to really compete this year, and they’re too thin on defense to stand up once they start going on the road to some pretty tough teams later in the year, but maybe I’ll upgrade my original prediction for a 6-10 season. They could go 8-8.

:: I had to watch the Jets today, instead of the Bills. (I don’t know if the Bills sold out today.) Man, are the Jets b-a-d.

:: I can breathe easier about my AFC Super Bowl pick, because the Steelers won today. Of course, they needed overtime to do it. But they’re showing signs of life. (My NFC Super Bowl pick, the Eagles, are doing just fine. They beat up on the Texans today.)

:: Mike Martz can breathe easier now, because his team’s bad luck is beginning to overtake his team’s bad coaching. Kurt Warner got hurt today, in his throwing hand.

:: A holdover thought from last week, when the Bills played the Broncos: I hope Brian Griese wins a Super Bowl soon, not because I like Griese (I have no opinion of him, really) but because I’m sick of hearing the commentators on TV, every time I watch the Broncos, babble on about how Griese still lives in the shadow of John Elway. We get it, already!!

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