Geekapocalypse Soon!

It occurs to me that this fall is going to be a mite busy.

The new Thor movie comes out in November.

The second Hobbit movie comes out in December.

Season three of Sherlock comes along in October. (It’s not set to air in the US until 2014, from what I’m reading, but that won’t stop me.)

Scott Lynch’s long-awaited third novel in the Gentleman Bastard sequence, The Republic of Thieves, arrives in October.

JW Rinzler’s The Making of Return of the Jedi also hits shelves in October.

Along with all this is the usual season returns of teevee shows I already watch.

Oh, and our annual fall getaway, which will be the first weekend in October.

And NaNoWriMo in November.

And in December, I should be able to start the editing of Princesses In Space II: The Fall of the Planet Reichenbach (not the actual title).

I guess I’d better enjoy the next 2.5 months, because I suspect that starting mid-September, things are gonna roll!

UPDATE: My friend and former college roommate and best man at my wedding, Mr. Chris Gustafson, points out that the title of this post should be Ageekalypse, and not that abomination that I actually used in my pre-coffee stupor. Ach!

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