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Good news for anyone who loves (or is at least interested in) the Golden Age of Science Fiction: the third volume of The SFWA Grand Masters is out in paperback. The SFWA began awarding its Grand Master award in the 1970s as a “lifetime achievement” award for the greatest of SF writers. (Additional stipulations were that the award could be given no more than six times in any decade, and it could only be given to writers who were alive at the time of the award.)

Each of these books collects a representative handful of stories by five of the Grand Masters. Those presented in the new volume are Lester Del Rey, Frederik Pohl (Pohl is also the series editor), Damon Knight (who sadly passed away just last month), A. E. Van Vogt, and Jack Vance. This is a terriffic series of books, well-conceived and lovingly assembled by editor Pohl.

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