Goodbye, snow!

A week after our epic snowstorm ended, much of it is finally gone! Of course, we got so much that much of it remains, but what’s left is slowly going away, and I expect we’ll be snowless again within a few days–possibly by the end of the week. After the snow finally stopped falling last Saturday (or was it Sunday?), we saw a quick warm-up where every day has been in the upper 40s, and today we had some heavy rain as well, which only helped melt the stuff away.

Also, the town got in on the act, sending front-loaders and dump trucks around to literally scoop the snowbanks lining the streets back several feet; the sum total of this is that my street–which was one lane for the first few days after the storm, and was later one-and-a-half lanes–is now two lanes again.

Here you see one of the dump trucks, escorting the snow to…somewhere. I don’t care where, actually. It just isn’t here.

If the prevailing weather holds up, we’ll all be wondering if we’re going to have a white Christmas, huh?

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  1. Roger says:

    Lessee, we had no snow in ALB since March 14 except for a freakish 3″ in mid-April, and ONE INCH in November. Sorry. .

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