Happy Birthday to the Maker!

 Happy birthday to George Lucas!

Happy birthday George Lucas! #StarWars #GeorgeLucas

It’s no accident, or exaggeration, when I say that George Lucas is the biggest influence on my storytelling. Star Wars imprinted on me at a very young age, and it is still my guiding star, even with all the other influences that I’ve blended (and, let’s be honest, pillaged and stolen from).

I’ve gone so far as to dedicate The Savior Worlds to Mr. Lucas. In terms of the stories that are in my heart, I may not owe him all of them, but I owe him a whole damn lot of them.

Thank you, Uncle George!

The dedication page for THE SAVIOR WORLDS. I would not be the storyteller I am today without George Lucas's work. It's just that simple. #HappyBirthdayGeorgeLucas #StarWars

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