Happy Birthday to The Wife!!!

“Our marriage has outlasted all of the world’s leaders except for Castro, and if we keep talking, arguing, making love, and dancing to the Ramones-gabba-gabba-hey-it’ll probably keep working.”

–Stephen King

We may not have the years that Stephen and Tabitha King have, but we’ll get there. You can sort of tell these things. It’s pretty much a done deal. The last year has seen a lot of transition in our lives, some of which isn’t even over yet. Most all of it is pretty good, but good or bad, I can’t imagine facing the future with anyone else beside me…or me beside anyone else.

And at least we’re not just a couple of chickens….

…as we face danger….

And we’re not that far from being like this…

Here is our Official Song from the last year:

(See, there was a period where every time we went to drive someplace together, even if it was five minutes away, this song would come on the satellite radio in her car.)

Anyway, please raise your coffee mugs or rum glasses or water bottles at some point today for The Wife’s birthday, as we continue writing our own story together, Two People From Buffalo Face The World And Win (which might just be the actual title)!

(Note to self: This list is now several years out of date. Add some stuff next year!)

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  1. Jason says:

    Huzzah for Mrs. Jaquandor!

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