Heavens, what’s THAT!!!

There’s a bright thing in the sky! Has anybody contact NORAD about this?!

I kid, obviously…and complaining about the lack of sunshine this time of year is just a thing we WNYers do, along with bemoaning the latest Bills playoff loss, noting how crappy the Sabres are, or speculating on what our favorite MLB team’s Opening Day roster might look like, since pitchers and catchers report soon. But really, this particular “Long Gray Slog” has certainly felt, well, longer and grayer and sloggier than usual. This is likely not really the case and it only feels so because of the way Real Life Stuff has been mirroring the weather of late. (Some of this is stuff I haven’t written about yet.)

Today, though, the sun is back in the sky, and that’s a good thing. Maybe I can even get out my camera for once…January was bad for photography. Just Godawful. Sigh….

OK, moving on!

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One Response to Heavens, what’s THAT!!!

  1. Roger says:

    It’s been cloudy all week in the Capital District too. Sun this weekend, and the window in our door creates rainbows n our carpeting.

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