Hobbled Hobbes

Poor doggo!

The other day Hobbes was sprinting around our yard, which he’s done dozens of times since he’s been with us, but this time he cut too close to the fence or maybe he clipped one of our trees or…we don’t know. All we do know is that he suddenly abandoned his run and came back to us, yelping in pain and keeping that leg off the ground. It turns out that he has a small fracture, so no running for him for a while, until we get that healed up! Also, it put the kibosh on our plans to take him on a fall road-trip to Letchworth State Park, which was a favorite thing of ours to do with Cane. Alas, now he’ll likely have to wait until spring to see and smell Letchworth.

This is the first major speedbump we’ve had with Hobbes; in just about every other way he’s been a delight to have around, and he loves Carla and is actually willing to play with her in a way that Cane was often reluctant to do. It’s been interesting to see which traits he shares with Cane and which ones are unique to him–one major one is that getting Cane to go outside and pee was a simple matter of opening the door and letting him out, whereas Hobbes doesn’t seem to have the “marking” thing down, so he’ll end up holding his pee until the bitter end, at which time it takes him up to a minute to actually get things done. Hobbes also eats fruits and veggies (Dude goes apeshit over watermelon!), where Cane’s response to being offered a piece of banana or apple was a look of befuddlement.

Anyway, take a moment to feel sorry for Hobbes. Poor Hobbes!


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  1. Roger says:

    Sorry, Hobbes.
    But watermelon? o—k—…

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