Holding pattern….

I got my trusty laptop in 2012. I bought it then even though my previous machine was still working because Windows 8 was about to come out, and I didn’t really want any part of Windows 8, so I grabbed a Windows 7 machine before they were no longer the default.

That machine has seen me through nearly 6 years, if not exactly that much. I was planning to acquire its successor later this year, but yesterday the Tech Gods forced my hand. I went to turn on my computer and instead of the boot sequence, I heard four loud beeps, followed by the same four beeps, several times. This was a diagnostic code for a bad memory module.

I could have fixed this with new memory, but I was frankly loath to spend money to repair a six-year-old machine, so…now I’m doing initial set-up on my third laptop. After good experiences with Dell Inspiron machines the first two times, I stuck with them, getting a third yesterday. Now I am doing all kinds of updates and new installations and the like.

The only bummer part of this is that until the sudden computer failure I was on fire with my writing. FORGOTTEN STARS IV has taken nearly a year to write and at times it’s been a struggle, but now I’m in the homestretch and I had been cranking out the words as I barrel toward the finale. Alas, now I’m stuck in a holding pattern until I complete setting up this new computer.

We’ll see how I like Windows 10…I do dig the backlit keyboard, though! And I am upset that this new computer uses a different charger cord than all the other computers in the house. I’ll have to get another cord or two at some point.

Anyway, that’s where we are. Where are you?

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Helping the Daughter with A.P. World History. I'm tired and have a headache.

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