Home again, home again….

And…we’re back!

But…where were we?

It was the weekend for our annual WinterHounds event, which is a meet-up for greyhound owners that takes place twice a year in the Finger Lakes. Lots of wineries participate, offering discounted tastings and/or purchases to people with greyhounds. There’s a summer event and a winter one, and we’ve been attending the winter one for several years now (we missed last year’s, because of reasons). It’s always nice to be able to get out of town for a few days, especially when winter is two-thirds done, and this year’s escape was no exception.

More notes on this year’s trip to follow, but for now, we’re back. And Carla (who, not being a greyhound and not liking car rides very much, did not go) is happy to have us home. (The Daughter stayed home, so it’s not as if Carla was stuck in her crate for three days! We’re not inhuman!)

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