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I keep repeating to myself, like a Zen mantra, “The Oscars are meaningless….the Oscars are meaningless….the Oscars are meaningless….” Or, I borrow from William Goldman: “There is no ‘best’….there is no ‘best’….there is no ‘best’….”

….and yet I’m still annoyed that Ian McKellan didn’t win an Oscar. Oh well, maybe the Academy is waiting to see what he does in The Two Towers, when Gandalf the Grey becomes Gandalf the White….or maybe they’re just a bunch of dingbats. I’d like to believe the former, but I fear that the “dingbat” theory will have to hold sway for now.

But at least they made up for it by finally giving Randy Newman an Oscar. What a fine, fine songwriter and musician. What belated recognition. (Not so belated as Cary Grant, who was the Ernie Banks of Oscars, but still belated.)

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