I think it’s crap, Chef!

Time for this week’s griping and kvetching about Hell’s Kitchen!

:: Holli’s hair is so cute. Holli is so cute.

:: Ah, the blind taste test! The results are about what they always are, with the chefs only naming a handful of the ingredients they are fed whilst blindfolded and wearing headphones. Frankly, I’d love to see Chef Ramsay do this one sometime.

:: I still hate Benjamin. I can’t get over how quiet and reserved he was when he was with the men, but now that he’s with the women, he’s the arrogant ass steamrolling over everybody. I hate that kind of chauvinistic crap. It reminds me of when I worked in restaurants, and if I was on duty with another manager who happened to be female, and the other manager went off to talk to a customer with a problem, every once in a while you’d get that customer who would refuse to believe the female they were talking to was a “real” manager.

:: Dinner service: Benjamin is shitting the bed from the outset, and Chef Ramsay is calling him out. Good. Hate this guy. Have I mentioned that? I’m sure it will come up again.

:: Fran’s falling apart. Will this be her last hurrah?

:: Wow, everybody’s stinking except for Holli, who is so cute and competent.

:: Elimination: Fran out, Autumn back to the Red team. Who cares?

:: Second episode! Preview shows fireworks! Huzzah!!!

:: Holy crap, those are some awesome looking lobsters. I’m already hungry. But naming them for departed chefs? How rude!

:: I always wonder about the dishes in tasting challenges like this. They sit around getting cold for a few minutes while the tasting chefs are introduced and whatnot.

:: Holli always seems to do well at these challenges, doesn’t she? My small crush on her aside (can we see her in overalls again, please?), she really shows serious skill. Her dishes at these challenges are always well-received, and she’s only had a couple of hiccups in the services. She could be this season’s Christina (the eventual winner of Season Four).

:: And Holli’s dish is so good that Chef Ramsay awards her an extra point to break the tie! Holli’s awesome. And since her team wins, she’ll get to wear normal clothes.

:: OK, those dorms are disgusting. There’s something like three weeks’ worth of cigarette butts in that big ashtray! I wonder if there’s a rule that no one is to do any incidental cleaning at all, so that the cleaning can be held out as a punishment.

:: Ohhhhhhh wow…Holli…(I promise I’ll stop this eventually.)

:: Hoo boy, throwing a time factor on the dinner service? I’m sure this will go swimmingly!

:: Oh wait, no, it won’t. And Nilka, who has been pretty good until now, has just fallen apart completely. This was like watching the Titanic steam full-speed right into the iceberg. While its hold was full of explosives.

:: Wow, this is the tantrum that keeps on giving. It was a pretty wild moment. But you know what? It would have been astonishing teevee if FOX had not plastered this event all over its promos for this episode. I really wish networks would let the shocking moments be shocking moments.

:: Classy exit after all the screaming for Nilka. And they still have to put people up for elimination! Wow.

:: Ramsay specifically praises Jason’s performance…so the team was seriously discussing nominating him? Duh. Actual nominees: Autumn and Ed. Ed’s first nomination, Autumn’s third? I think? I’m guessing he doesn’t eliminate anybody this time, given Nilka’s exit.

:: And I call it! Time for the black uniforms. Final six! Go Holli!!!

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  1. Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness says:

    Yeh, when Holli was making googly eyes at the caviar guy she had me sold too. I would scrub that woman's dirty pans all day long. And she is going to win. She made great desserts, never loses her cool under all that stress, is cuter than a speckled pup and is, well, Holli. I am with you – Holli for the win.

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