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I’m really not terribly excited about Star Trek Nemesis. Rick Berman and company did a lot of good things in their day, but I think the current regime in charge of Trek has pretty much run out of ideas. (I have not seen a single episode of Enterprise, so I can’t comment on that; it’s only on cable in Buffalo and we don’t have cable.) From what I’ve read of the Nemesis storyline, it seems like a rehash of a lot of earlier Trek stories (with a lot cribbed from The Wrath of Khan). I know that the story focuses on Data’s long-standing “quest” to become more human; my problem there is that sometimes quests are achieved without our knowing it. Data reached a point of “closure” in First Contact, and I really don’t think there’s any point in keeping it going. Likewise, I’m not all that interested in the ongoing tribulations of the Romulan Empire. I’d much rather see a Trek film that actually explores strange new worlds and seeks out new life and new civilizations. If this is to be the last voyage for the Next Generation crew, why not show them actually, well, boldly going where no one has gone before?

(The film was also to feature a brief cameo by Wil Wheaton as a grown-up Wesley Crusher; I suppose he finally wrapped up his Grand Tour of the Mysteries of the Universe with that “Traveler” guy. But, as reported on WWDN, the scene in question has been cut. So Wesley won’t save the day one last time; ah, well….)

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