Impressions of Buffalo

From a walk I took last week, going from Buffalo’s Old First Ward to downtown and back. My original plan was to accompany The Wife into downtown for one of her days working at the office; I was going to spend the entire day walking Buffalo, taking photos–doing street photography, basically–and then going to the Central Branch of the Erie County Public Library for an afternoon of reading and writing. Alas, Hobbes’s leg injury put that plan on ice for that day, but I still got downtown for half the day the next day. The day was hot and very bright–not the best lighting conditions, really–but I got some photos that I like a great deal. Buffalo is a fascinating place.

Streetscapes: Downtown Buffalo, NY

Streetscapes: Downtown Buffalo, NY

More from that photo-walk here.


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  1. Roger says:

    It was the 8th most populous city in 1900, and it was in the top 20 from 1850 through 1960. Thugh I’ve been to NF several times, I really don’t know Buffalo all that well.

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