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In the “Wild, Wacky Stuff” Department:

There was a young man hight Jaquandor

Who wished he were born in Numenor.

When advised it had drowned

He made nary a sound

But fell in a faint to the bar floor.

That was written by, of all people, Guy Gavriel Kay on the message boards over at Bright Weavings. It seems that GGK (as he is known to his fans) has a book of poetry, entitled Beyond His Dark House, coming out in April of 2003. This is exciting news, but not nearly so exciting as my finding myself immortalized in verse by such a fine writer as Mr. Kay. (Although, a limerick?! Of course, I brought it on myself by suggesting on the message boards my hope that none of his works begin, “There once was a man fron Nantucket….” I offered a bit of proper poetical response; the thread can be read here. Mr. Kay is from Toronto, by the way — it’s part of my joke.)

In the absence of a new novel by GGK (that will probably be another year to eighteen months in the offing), a book of his poetry will be fascinating. Here is a bit of his verse that I have loved since I first read it. It is from his novel, A Song For Arbonne (currently out-of-print, but a reissue in trade paperback is due out this fall):

Even the birds above the lake

Are singing of my love,

And even the flowers along the shore

Are growing for her sake.

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