Inner Piece

I feel the need to enshrine today’s installment of Get Fuzzy. Our story so far is that Satchel has taken up Tantric meditation (which he’d misread as “Tantrum meditation”), and is now apparently teaching Bucky how to do it:

Bucky’s line there belongs on a t-shirt or something.

UPDATE: It occurs to me that I haven’t complained about For Better or For Worse in a while, so the current storyline — yet more in the inevitable pairing of Liz and Anthony — makes me want to vomit. And remember, I love a good sappy love story. This one, though? Blecchhh. What is with Lynn Johnston’s rather creepy apparent belief that true happiness involves marrying one’s grade school sweetheart and never moving more than a mile or two from home?

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  1. Erin says:

    RE: FBoFW.

    OMG, yes. Blargh.

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