Some recent pretty pictures!

Our trees are now in full leaf.

I have some new toys lately, like this impact driver. Love this thing!

A recent doodle, for an Instagram 30-day challenge:

Disney characters keep a close eye on the library for me.

We recently went to the local Botanical Gardens, housed in this building. I still need to post my photos of the plant life therein.

Neighbor cat likes to taunt Julio.

I like astromech droids in principle, but I hope they’re not invented before I retire!

It’s Farmer’s Market time of year!

Hockey and basketball are over, huzzah!!!

I made emerald fried rice the other night. ‘Twas quite tasty. Next time, I’ll use a different protein, though — ham, while quick and easy, just wasn’t that exciting.

The other day I got home from work to see my father opening the gate in the backyard. A few seconds later, I saw why: he was giving the two wild turkeys in our yard an evacuation route.

Writing continues, sometimes frustrating, sometimes not…

…and sometimes with feline obstacles.

It’s kind of hard to write a dramatic and emotional scene when this is going on at my feet:

And I had thought about buying a cat bed for the library, but now I see that I don’t need to bother.

Lester also likes being in the kitchen when we’re cooking.

All in all, life is good!

The Daughter, once eight, is now fifteen.

And I leave you with some cautionary words from Satchel.


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