Ladies and gentlemen….

 The Internet, for all its annoyances and horrors, is also a place of fun and wonderment, and it’s always nice to see a reminder of that. One example is a person on Twitter who has made it his job to post the same thing, each and every Friday.

It’s a video clip of actor Daniel Craig, from an episode of Saturday Night Live that he hosted. It came time for him to introduce the episode’s musical guest, a Canadian singer named Abel Makkonen Tesfaye. Tesfaye’s stage name, however, is “The Weeknd” (spelling intentional), so what Daniel Craig says is: “Ladies and gentlemen, The Weeknd.”

When saying that, Craig does this little shake of his head and a spreading of his arms as if to say that he can’t believe he’s lucky enough to be introducing this artist…and as the clip has been repurposed, it sounds like Craig is amazed that we made it, that we survived another week: “Oh wow, we got there. We’re here, folks. It’s OK.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the weekend.” Spelling intentional.

It’s Friday night. Ladies and gentlemen, the weekend!

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