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It’s always a bit surprising to find an idea that one has had also occurring to someone else. It’s particularly surprising to encounter it somewhere in the Blogosphere — well, maybe not “surprising” per se, but rather “interesting” or “eerie”. I’m tempted to ascribe it to the old canard that “Great minds think alike”, but I’ve only discovered Terminus‘s blog today, and thus any such statement would be premature. Anyway, Terminus has started his own cycle of James Bond reviews. He’s doing it one film at a time though, leading up to Die Another Day, as opposed to plowing through them all at once, as I did. He is also discovering, as I did in college when some friends and I decided to try watching the entire series in order, that it’s hard to actually find them all at the video store.

(And apparently someone named Ed is doing a Bond retrospective. Hmmmm….)

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