It’s still #AuthorLifeMonth!

So the AuthorLifeMonth thing on Instagram is still going strong, and it’s been a lot of fun, seeing what other writers are doing with their lives! Here are my posts to that hashtag since last week:

Day Five was “Comp Covers”, which a lot of folks took to mean “rough drafts of our book covers”. Here’s a comparison of the first attempt at the Stardancer cover, on left, with the final, on right.

Day 5 of #AuthorLifeMonth! I'm not sure what "comp covers" means, but it seems to be 'rough drafts' for covers. Left is the first cover design for STARDANCER, and on right is the final design. #books #amwriting

But then someone else told me that “comp covers” refers to covers of similar books in our genre, so here are a couple of those!

Day 5a of #AuthorLifeMonth! Apparently "comp covers" actually refers to books similar to our own in terms of genre, mood, and such. Here are a few for me: the amazing "Across The Universe" trilogy by @bethrevis, and the equally wondeful "These Broken Star

(Yes, I’ve read those, and they are terrific.)

Next came “Fan art”, which left me at a loss, since to my knowledge, nobody has done any “fan art” of anything I’ve written yet, alas! But hey, I’ll get there. Instead I posted this depiction of a girl reading The Fault In Our Stars, which another reader used to show her reaction to reading The Wisdomfold Path.

It's Day 6 of #AuthorLifeMonth! Today is "fan art". I don't really have any fan art yet, but @americaseditor used this little cartoon a while back to illustrate her reaction to THE WISDOMFOLD PATH while reading it. (The cartoon actually seems to refer to

(No, there is no cancer in The Wisdomfold Path, but it does get emotional in spots.)

Next up was “Writing Music”, so I did a quick collage of some CD covers from favorite film scores of mine, in the genres I write (SF, Fantasy, Horror/Supernatural Thriller).

Day 7 of #AuthorLifeMonth is Writing Music! I listen to music a lot when I write. I love movie music, and here's a smattering of filmscores for various genres in which I work. Top row: fantasy and adventure music (lots of this right now for LIGHTHOUSE BOY

For “Awesome Moment”, I went ‘throwback’ to the photo I took just after I typed the words “The End” in the first draft of Stardancer. I’d done it, folks!

Day 8 of #AuthorLifeMonth: Awesome moment! We're going throwback, to the moments after I typed the words "THE END" at the conclusion of STARDANCER. I knew, at that moment, that I was on my way. To where? I don't know, but I'm heading for the second star t

Day Nine was “Challenge Overcome”. For this I alluded to the struggle a lot of indie writers have to endure: formatting our books. Ewwww!

It's Day 9 of #AuthorLifeMonth! Today the theme is "Challenge Overcome". I write writr write, then I edit edit edit, and through all this, I'm OK. Then it's time to format, and I want to set my computer on fire. #amwriting

Day Ten brought us to “Non-author Photo”. This was a fun tag to peruse. I just picked a few of mine and collaged them. I doubt I’ll ever appear pie-faced on one of my own book covers.

Day 10 of #AuthorLifeMonth: Non-author photo(s)! I couldn't pick just one, so here are a few. Featuring overalls and pies, of course.

Finally, we come to yesterday’s category, “Favorite Review”. I couldn’t pick one, so I went my own xkcd route:

Day 11 of #AuthorLifeMonth: Fave review! I can't possibly pick one. I am grateful if every good review I've been lucky enough to receive, and I'm lucky to have enjoyed good beta and proof reading to this point. Everybody is awesome! (But I do need more re

More to come next week! And just for good measure, here are a couple of recent writing-related photos of mine that are not a part of the AuthorLifeMonth tag.

The Angry-looking Purple Writer #amwriting #overalls

Blunt self-honesty is crucial when editing. #amwriting

When readers say they miss my characters! 😍😭 #swoon #amwriting #indiebooksbeseen

Another 5-star review for THE WISDOMFOLD PATH! Why not find out what the fuss is about? Go to for more info! #books #sciencefiction #spaceopera #indiebooks #amwriting

Moments like this make it ALL worthwhile. Thanks, @flightofthelionheart! #amwriting

Red Pen Time may be my favorite part of this process. #editing #amwriting

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