I’ve had ENOUGH!

Ahhh, the tortures of Hell’s Kitchen continue!

:: Sandwich day at Hell’s Kitchen. Oy. I love sandwiches. Watching this show was painful, it made me so hungry! But interesting that Ramsay takes them to a place so they can eat French Dip sandwiches, and then criticizes Fran’s sandwich because of a bit of soggy bread, saying that “You never want to see soggy bread in a sandwich.” Except, apparently, the sandwiches that are dipped in broth at the place you took them to, Chef?

:: The 50th wedding anniversary hosted by Hell’s Kitchen was kind of cool, although I’d never heard of “Steak Diane” before. No idea what that is. Chicken Kiev, though? Ewwww! Never been a big fan of the stuff.

:: Salvatore is gone. I had a feeling.

:: Siobhan is gone. Again, I had a feeling.

:: Remaining contestants: Holli got yelled at for the first time, I think. She’s still safe, though. I expect Fran to go soon. Autumn had a low-key week in which she did not annoy me. The others on the Blue team — Jason, Jay, and Ed — all had rough weeks, though, probably because they got really drunk the night before service and were hung over. Oops!

:: Until this week, the main impression we’d been given of Benjamin was of a quiet and talented cook who just performed consistently and didn’t speak up much. Well, all that was out of the water this week, as he revealed himself to be a Grade A ass. Yes, Siobhan deserved to go, but his arrogant and condescending vendetta towards her was disgusting to behold — especially when he insisted that in his professional opinion, the sandwich she’d made was terrible even after Chef Ramsay himself pronounced it fine. I won’t be rooting for Benjamin now. At all. I want him to lose, badly. He’s an ugly little man, and I have to wonder if his new-found arrogance and outspokenness, now that he’s gone from the all-male Blue Team to the all-female Red Team, is based just a bit in good old-fashioned male chauvinism.

Next week brings the ever-popular “Taste the ingredient and tell me what it is” challenge, which is always a devious one as Ramsay mixes prosaic ingredients like ham and onion with “gourmet”, obscure stuff like watercress and…other stuff, which causes contestants to overthink and identify, say, bologna as “coconut”.

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One Response to I’ve had ENOUGH!

  1. Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness says:

    Ben is a total douche. I wonder if that kind of chauvanism is rampant in kitchens and being with the girls just brought that out in him. I know for sure he would have never pushed one of the guys out of the way and took over their station. He is a bully and to kick poor Siobhan is like kicking a puppy.

    When I taught Jr High Science I would always do one of those taste test things when we did the Unit on senses. It's amazing how items you think you would know are misidentified when you take away one of the senses – in this case, sight. We are pretty complicated little monkey's who need all our senses to function in the world. To suddenly lose one without a period of adjustment can make a mess of the way one perceives the world.

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