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I’ve noticed that other bloggers like to note, with amusement, the incredibly odd search-engine results by which their blogs are located. I’ve been a bit disappointed that I haven’t had any good ones to report, except for the fact that I have a permalink at left to the film music website “Scoreland Soundtrack Reviews”, which apparently shares the name “Scoreland” with some kind of….site with pictures of scantilly-clad women. But, I finally got a nifty hit from a “naughty search” today: someone was using Yahoo! UK & Ireland to find sites matching this search term: women and underwater and sex and video files. I’m sorry this particular person no doubt went away from Byzantium’s Shores unsatisfied. I’m reminded of a scene in the book Time After Time (based on the film of the same name), in which H. G. Wells, having traveled forward in time from 1898 to 1979, wants to impress a lovely woman in San Francisco by taking her to a wonderful Scots restaurant he’s discovered, named “McDonald’s”.

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