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Jane Galt on telemarketers and the Do-Not-Call registry.

This is an excellent post, really and truly. Read it. Indeed, heh, and huzzah.

I remember when I watched some high-up guy with the Direct Marketing Association talking about why his industry is against The List, and he said something to the effect of, “Why would consumers willingly put themselves in a position to not receive offers that they will find valuable?” Well, that’s basically like asking someone why they never shop at K-Mart, despite the fact that K-Mart almost certainly has something there that’s (a) of use and (b) cheaper at K-Mart than where they usually get that item.

As the consumer, it is my right to decide when, where, in what manner, and with whom I will part with my money. If I want to do it with Person X and not Person Y, even if Person Y’s deal is better, well then, that’s none of anyone’s business but my own. So there.

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