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Last week I wrote about Buffalo wings. I should note the other great Buffalo delicacy: Beef on Weck.

At first glance, this is a roast-beef sandwich. However, the meet is generally sliced a bit thicker than what you’ll find on the sandwiches at Arby’s. It is also kept sitting in its own juices until the sandwich is made, when it is piled high on a Kummelweck roll (hence the “Weck”). A Kummelweck roll is a hard, Kaiser-style roll which has also been topped with caraway seeds and pretzel salt toward the end of baking. Then, the thing is slathered in fresh horseradish (again, the real thing, not that “Horsey sauce” from Arby’s) and devoured — preferably with a very cold beer.

I’m not sure how these compare, healthwise, with Buffalo-style chicken wings. There is no deep-frying involved, but the Weck rolls are very salty, and these sandwiches are generally stuffed very generously with meat. But the plus side is that the proper amount of horseradish will keep one’s nasal passages wide open while eating the thing.

(An addendum to the earlier article on wings: True Buffalo-style chicken wings are NEVER breaded. Hooter’s can call their wings Buffalo wings until the End of Time, but the breading means that they are NOT Buffalo wings.)

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