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Late summer is the time for Renaissance Faires and Medieval Festivals throughout the country. Nearly every state seems to have one, and they are almost always an amazing time. Yesterday the family and I attended the Sterling Renaissance Festival in Sterling, New York. Between the music and the food, the arts and the crafts, the shows and the activities, I’m not sure what was best about the thing. A cheerful “Huzzah!!!” to everyone involved with this year’s Festival, especially the actors involved in the new and improved joust that has been added this year. (Last year’s joust was mostly a demonstration; this one was a full-fledged act with three knights who hate each other and a storyline that was played out over two separate jousts and ended in an unforseen allusion to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which brought much rejoicing.) The only negative aspect of the day was the weather; it never rained but it was one of the most sweltering days of the year. Next year we are planning to attend in costume.

(And speaking of costumes: you don’t really appreciate how ugly today’s fashions are until you see women at one of these festivals dressed in Renaissance and medieval garb. How beautiful some of them were!)

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