As my personal fashion style continues to develop, I continue to find appreciate not just for new styles of garments, but new fabrics as well. Denim, obviously…and more recently, flannel. But I’ve also been finding linen to my liking.

I thrifted these two shirts a few years ago. Both are made of linen, and I like both enormously:


More recently, I’ve purchased a couple new linen shirts from Etsy dealers. One is still in transit (there were some shipping snafus and errors, of which I am being forgiving since the seller is from Ukraine!), but I got the other a few weeks back. It’s the shirt I wore to the County Fair week before last, and I loved it. (I honestly thought I’d see more people in overalls that day, but alas! Just one or two. Though I did overhear a woman behind me saying to her date, “I used to have a train engineer hat just like that guy’s overalls!” I’m perfectly happy to provoke your nostalgia, y’all.)

Anyway, back to the linen shirt, which I (obviously) paired with a pair of vintage Lee hickory-striped overalls, which I chose because besides looking cool, hickory-striped denim tends to be lighter in weight than regular blue denim.

This material is super comfortable. I just loved this shirt! I stayed cool the entire day–the material is light and of an open-enough weave to allow good airflow through it. I found wearing this shirt on a nice summer day (albeit a cool and low-humidity one) very comfortable. I suspect I was more comfortable in my loose, air-flow encouraging outfit of long-sleeved linen shirt under a pair of overalls than a lot of other guys were in belted shorts and t-shirts. I know that we want to avoid cultural appropriation and all of that, but surely we could listen to what other cultures have to tell us–such as the idea that hot weather doesn’t mean tight cotton clothes and bare skin. (Here’s more on linen as a summer fabric.)


(Same pic as immediately above, detail)

(No idea what that facial expression is about)

I like how “lived-in” linen looks. A nice crisp cotton shirt is lovely, but so is soft and worn-in linen.

(Detail and enhancement of last photo above.)

To sum up: Wear more linen, folks! You’ll be happy you did. Here endeth the lesson!


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  1. Tayna Laubacher says:

    I’ve purchased quite a few linen shirts these last couple of years. Last summer was so hot I legitimately felt like I was having a heat stroke in my office more than once, so I said it was time for linen after watching a bunch of historical you tubers were all ‘linen is what you need.’ I have been quite satisfied.

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