Linkage and Stuff (with pies)

Some stuff!

:: Oh my, I forgot about my new feature, Tone Poem Tuesday. Ugh! I’ll really try to remember next week. In fact, I think I’ll write some in advance. Meantime, here’s an oft-featured favorite of mine, the gorgeous choral setting of Shenandoah.

:: Roger visited the Corning Museum of Glass. Oddly, I have never been there. How weird is that! A major upstate NY attraction, and I’ve never once been there.

:: Kevin Drum thinks we should stop complaining about the Olympics being tape-delayed for prime time viewing. I agree. In fact, as I write this I was just listening to the local sportstalk guy complaining about this.

:: SamuraiFrog begins telling the story of his own life. I look forward to this.

:: Sheila O’Malley on the Baz Luhrmann film of The Great Gatsby. I haven’t seen the film, and I haven’t read the book in many years (despite the fact that I loved it), but I’ll generally read Sheila O’Malley write about nearly anything.

:: One of my favorite vloggers with a poem for women with a broken heart:

:: Sarah Gailey writes in defense of villainesses.

:: Bill Clinton really loves balloons.

::  A cat takes to the rugby field. The Internet provides the hilarity.

:: Finally, I recently did a favor for a friend who has enjoyed some of the “fantasy”-looking locales of parks in this region. She is a cosplayer, and she wanted some photos taken in costume in the fantasy-like setting of Chestnut Ridge Park, so I cheerfully obliged. The payment? A couple of pies in my face! Huzzah!

That’s about all for now. Excelsior!

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3 Responses to Linkage and Stuff (with pies)

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    But i enjoyed the CBS Evening News reporting the results this week, with the snark, "It's not OUR fault the results haven't been broadcast"

  2. CGHill says:

    Who knew that Nightmare Moon had such diverse weaponry? Certainly not I.

  3. Roger Owen Green says:

    You also forgot my FAVORITE feature, Symphony Saturday!

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