Look at your photos, photographers!

A nifty lesson I just learned, all by myself!

I’ve been using the Vero social media app (mobile only, as far as I know, but my user name is @kellysedinger) as a sort of showcase for what I consider to be my best photography. It’s too late for me to rebrand my Instagram as a “portfolio” account (though I suppose I could start up a new account, which I may do, and switch between that and the “personal” account), and my Flickr is all over the map since that’s where ALL my photos go (and only a small amount of those are made public; I’d say that over three quarters of what I have on Flickr is set to “private” just for storage purposes).

So, back to the main point: I look through my photos to post to Vero on a regular basis, and I’ve been looking through ALL of my various albums, not just the recent stuff with the brand new camera, because I like to think that I’ve always had a pretty decent eye for composition and now I’m just trying to level up in terms of actual technique. The other day I was looking through my Flickr folder from our trip to NYC in 2015 for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and I found a photo of a group of bagpipers that I almost certainly haven’t looked at since I took it and uploaded it. Why this didn’t catch my eye at the time, I will never know…maybe it’s just the budding street photographer in me…but I couldn’t take my eye off this one bagpiper.

I have no idea what had him in a state of consternation here, so near the end of the parade, but he was certainly not happy about something! Was he out of step? Was someone else out of step? Did he start playing the wrong song? We he telling the next guy “Hey, we gotta speed up!”? (A few times whatever group was in front of us had to speed up to get the timing right for the teevee people.) Was he thinking, “Curse Bob over there, with his perfect mustache! I can’t grow a mustache like that!” I’ll never know…but what a great little moment.

I’m really loving photography, is all that I’m saying here.

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