Love Is All Around

Sk Waller and her love, Nettl, are finally able to get married.

We get a lot of stuff wrong in America, which makes it all the sweeter when we start getting certain things right. There are an awful lot of problems that I’m not sure we’re going to solve, but I can take a certain small amount of solace in the fact that we are slowly getting out of the business of legislating the business of love.

I can’t attend the ceremony in person, but if anyone there sees some kind of weird spirit-form lurking in a corner, and the spirit-form seems to be wearing overalls, that’s me.

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2 Responses to Love Is All Around

  1. SK Waller says:

    How wonderfully sweet of you! Thank you so much.

    After 14 years together, it feels amazing to actually receive validation from our country. We may now be as equal as any other American, but there are still discrimination issues we face as a couple. But as you say, we're heading in the right direction!

    I so wish you could be here, but I completely understand. Your presence in spirit will not go unnoticed.

    (I find it ironic that one of the words in this captcha is COURAGE. It's taken a lot of courage through the years to finally arrive at where we are now, but we would not have been capable of it without the support and enCOURAGEment of friends like you!)

  2. Roger Owen Green says:

    Going to the first same-gender marriage at my church tomorrow, thanks not only to NYS' changed law but new rules passed by the Presbyterian Church USA this summer.

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