Maestro Morricone

Ennio Morricone, one of the greatest of all film composers, has died. He was 91. His music was often expansive and melodic, evocative and emotional. I often find his work hard to characterize, to be honest, but his finest work is often meditative and introspective. He often took a non-intuitive approach to scoring certain films, like his famous work on the “Spaghetti Westerns” of Sergio Leone. He wasn’t about to strive for the Americana-west sound of an Elmer Bernstein or a Dmitri Tiomkin

One of the finest albums of film music I know is a collaboration album he did years ago with Yo Yo Ma, performing selections from his film scores. I cannot recommend this album highly enough, especially if you’re new to Morricone and you have no idea where to start. That can happen with composers as prolific as Morricone was.
Farewell, Maestro. Your music will linger!
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