Making Alton Brown’s Aged Eggnog, part one

I’ve discovered the last year or two that I really like eggnog. I’ve also discovered that my family dislikes eggnog, so…I get to drink it all! Yay! This year I’m going one step farther: I’m making my own eggnog. Specifically, I’m making Alton Brown’s Aged Eggnog.

Technically, I’ve already made Alton Brown’s Aged Eggnog, as I executed the recipe yesterday (and it’s really not a hard recipe at all, the work took all of fifteen minutes). Now I’m in the “aging” part of the job. My intent is to leave the jars unopened until no sooner than December 20. (Meanwhile, I’ll just get some eggnog in the cartons, because I’m not going to make this stuff my only eggnog for the year.) Brown says you can age this stuff for a year, if you want. I’ve no intention of doing that. (There are a few videos on YouTube of creators who do manage to wait the entire year, and they have reported back that it’s worth it. Maybe next year.)

Anyway, there’s my bounty of homemade noggy goodness, in the photo up above! The two jars look a bit different from the bottle because they are made of pink-hued glass. That’s all I could find at The Store when I realized I needed a few jars. Maybe next year I’ll track down more glass bottles, as I prefer those to jars for this sort of application, but who knows. I also have to remember, when I open these to imbibe, not to add booze to them. There’s a lot of booze in there already.

All that’s left now is to play the waiting game…which give me an excuse to use this evergreen Simpsons clip:


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