More snow….

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This really hasn’t been a very hard winter, in terms of snow. In fact, there’s only been one or two really “big” snow events, and one of those was really only notorious by virtue of when and how the snow hit: intense snowbands that stalled in place right during late afternoon and evening rush hour, back in November. That made a huge mess, and there were even kids stranded on school buses or who didn’t even make it out of school.

So now the “big storm” is hitting the Northeast, and it’s not sparing Buffalo. We’re not really on the docket to bear any of the brunt of this one, but we will get a good amount of snow. Luckily it will fall over three days instead of three hours, which makes it much more manageable. There’s some kvetching going on because Governor Cuomo declared a state of emergency not just for Eastern NY and the NYC metro area, which are the regions that are in the crosshairs for a big hit, but for all of New York State, which has a lot of people in Buffalo going, “Huh? We’ve functioned normally in worse than this.” I dunno…I can see that point, but we have seen storms turn worse than expected in recent memory (see above), and just last week there was a nasty wind storm that still has several thousand homes in WNY without electricity. I don’t think erring on the side of caution is always a bad thing.

Anyway, stay warm, people!

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