My newsletter: an update!

You may remember that I launched a newsletter last year, which I called Dispatches from the Forgotten Stars. I had only done about half a dozen issues when the development I had feared from the get-go came to pass: Revue, the service I was using for the newsletter, is being closed down. Thanks, Lord Musk. (Twitter owns Revue. I kinda saw this coming and signed up with Revue anyway, so…yeah.)

I have just completed the migration process of moving my newsletter to Substack. There are more settings to tweak and whatnot, which I’ll be working on moving forward, but for now, if you hadn’t subscribed yet, that’s where I am! (I imported the subscribers, so hopefully if you’re already subscribed as of this writing, you don’t have to do anything.)

Find me on Substack! You can even read the archives of the newsletter if you wish. Thank you!


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