Nail, meet hammer….again!

Tom Burka provides a helpful template for post-SOTU press coverage.

A handful of thoughts:

:: I’m not sure if the President was trying for some kind of effect when he rather dramatically closed his leather portfolio, containing the text of his speech, at the end; but it would have worked better had he not thumped the microphone in doing so.

:: Am I the only person getting tired of that constant smile on Senator Daschle’s face? You know, the “Holy shit, I can’t believe my party hasn’t tossed me out on my ear yet!” smile?

:: Likewise, am I the only person who thinks that Vice President Cheney would look a lot more at home at these kinds of events if they’d let him cradle his white fuzzy cat?

:: Invariably, some headline for the morning after the SOTU will always say that the President wants to “stay the course”. Well, it’s not like the President’s going to ascend the podium and shout, “Full reverse engines, right full rudder!”

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