Now for Kindle!!!

As you can see, Stardancer is now available for Kindle! It is exclusive to Kindle right now, but I did enroll it for Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re partaking of that service, you can read it for free. (Just make sure you read at least 10 percent of the book, so I get the credit for it, money-wise!) And if you don’t have a Kindle, get the Kindle app for whatever device you do have!

The paperback is still available, if that’s your preference.


(And yes, I will be getting back to less book-and-writing posting at some point. This month has been exciting, though!)

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One Response to Now for Kindle!!!

  1. Annehueser says:

    I just bought it for my Kindle. I really enjoyed the first 3 chapters you posted.

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