Of sweaters and such….

Two Christmases in a row, I petitioned The Wife for a white cable-knit sweater rather like the one Chris Evans wore in Knives Out. I didn’t petition her for this sweater because Chris Evans wore one in Knives Out, but I won’t say that his wearing one in Knives Out had nothing to do with me petitioning her for just such a sweater. I mean, come on:

Credit: https://bamfstyle.com/2020/11/25/knives-out-sweater/

That’s some iconic sweater wearing, is all I’m saying. And you know what? There’s nothing at all wrong with seeing a look in a movie and thinking, “Huh, I kinda like that.”

I asked too late in the game last year for one of these, but this year, The Wife came through! Of course, unlike Mr. Evans, I am most likely to pair the sweater with a pair of overalls. This is an outfit for cozy winter days…a hot beverage and a good book, while the elements do their icy thing outside.

Note the coffee mug! That was a gift from The Daughter.

Dogs remain the best fashion accessories.

Detail. This is the only scenario when I do the one-strap-undone thing.

Morning coffee and a book. Simple pleasures!

The sweater is by Land’s End. We’ve had a lot of success with that brand over the years; everything they make is of high enough quality that the clothes last, and they just make good, solid staples, like sweaters. This sweater is soft and pleasant, and if there’s one thing my life can always use in greater supply, it’s “soft and pleasant”!


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  1. Roger says:

    I’m not saying that you look like Chris Evans in that sweater. I’m not saying that you DON’T, though…

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