Ohhh, let’s get rid of some open tabs, shall we?

Time to clear out the open tabs! Yay!

::  Yes, changing the clocks is bad for you.

::  If you’re like me, you see all the reports of business closing locations and locking down security measures due to massive increases of theft through a rather skeptical lens. There is always theft, but the discussion always takes on a kind of racial tone, especially when it becomes the “suburban stores” dealing with “thieves from the city“. That’s particularly interesting when you read about the woman who might have spearheaded one particular shoplifting ring.

::  Trickle-down was always bullshit. This is not news, but many Americans still hold strong to the notion that the tax cuts on the rich will work in their favor just any day now….

::  How the Finger Lakes were named. I’m always up for some Finger Lakes content!

::  Kodak Instamatic review. I dug this up when I was trying to figure out what kind of camera we had when I was a kid. We weren’t much of a picture-taking family, which makes it almost surprising to me that I’ve taken photography as a decades-long pastime that has recently exploded into a passion. I’m 98 percent sure that our family camera was a Kodak Instamatic. I do wish, in retrospect, that we’d done more picture-taking as a family. Not the whole “Family Portraits” thing, which I’ve never really understood, but just more photographic documentation of the memories made along the way.

::  I’m not actually going to close this tab any time soon, but it might be a useful reference out there: One librarian’s 15 Essential New York City books. I love NYC as a setting, and I look forward to reading some of these. (We’re coming dangerously close to not getting back to NYC for ten years after the last time….)

::  Finally, a podcast called “Stuff You Should Know” did an episode about the pie in the face! I would have linked it on Pi Day but I hadn’t listened by that point.

More links to come soon, once I again look at my browser and realize Wow, have I got a lot of tabs open!


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  1. Roger says:

    Yes, changing the clocks are stupid dangerous. Trickle-down IS BS, and his fans want, nay DEMAND, that Kelly get another pie in the face.

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