One Hundred Days of Happiness

I’ve seen other people do this, and I figured, why not? We’re heading into my favorite time of year (August through December are just awesome), when lots of my favorite things tend to happen, and this year’s even better because I’m publishing Princesses In SPACE!!! (not the actual title) in November. In fact, one hundred days from today is November 9. That sounds like an interesting date, doesn’t it?

Mainly this will unfold on Instagram, but it’ll spin out with appearances on Tumblr, Twitter, and, of course, here, the flagship location for All Things Jaquandor. It’s going to be a very busy few months, and I figure this little project will help keep my head from floating away. I have a book to finish editing, then an author website to create, then the same book to format, a cover to design, and then the last proofreading before publishing. And in the midst of all that, over the next few months, there are the County Fair and other stuff with The Family, going to see Guardians of the Galaxy, reading books, vacationing in October with our annual trip to Ithaca, possibly tie-dying some new clothes, and at some point receiving a few pies in the face. About the only thing I don’t have going on is a wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it.

More details on 100 Days of Happiness here. Come on, folks, let’s be happy! Or something like that.

(Hmmm…interesting timing, this little meme-project wrapping up on November 9…I may have to make sure that Day 100 is particularly interesting….)

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  1. Katie Sanders says:

    Wow sounds like you're in for a busy 100 days! I look forward to hearing some uodates. Good luck! 🙂

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