Our allotted summers….

My friend Jason Bennion, who really should be a writer (and whose edits always make my books better), offered this on Facebook the other day. (He lives in Salt Lake City, so his experience of summer is quite different from mine.)

It always takes me by surprise.

One-hundred-degree days for weeks at a stretch and nights that aren’t much cooler. And then a cluster of rain storms and suddenly something has changed. The days are still hot but they’ve softened somehow, like a campfire you’ve stopped adding fuel to. And the nighttime… well, it’s just different now. And somewhere deep in the back of my head, there’s an ancient nudge trying to tell me it’s time to break out the leather jacket and long pants, time to get back to school, even though I’ve been done with that routine for 30 years.

Fall is coming, and one more of my allotted summers has slipped away..


Not one of Jason’s evening skies in late summer, but I think I can feel what he’s getting at….

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