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Part of the pre-game ceremony for the Major League Baseball All Star Game was baseball’s 30 greatest moments. They seem to have pretty much nailed them all, although I’d have included Kirby Puckett’s walk-off home run in Game Six of the 1991 World Series. (Of course, Jack Morris’s shutout in Game Seven of that same Series was a fine choice, too.) It’s too bad they couldn’t include some of the best moments from All Star Game history; then we might have been able to revisit that wonderful scene in 1993 (or was it 1994?) when Randy Johnson uncorked a fastball over John Kruk’s head. It was one of the funniest baseball moments ever.

And not surprisingly, the Pirates — losers of 100 games last season and embarking on what will be a long rebuilding process after their last GM, Cam Bonifay, decimated the farm system — only have one All Star representative (and they probably wouldn’t even have him, if not for the rule that requires that the All Star rosters reflect at least one player from each team). This year it is closer Mike Williams, who the Pirates signed to a large contract last offseason for some unknown reason. Teams which lose 100 games typically have far more pressing needs than a top-flight closer.

Ah, well. Go National League!

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