Duz 1946, originally uploaded by autumnsensation.

I saw this ad on Flickr and it cracked me up. I’d never heard of “DUZ” before; obviously its heyday as a product was well before my time. I found the picture funny, though, because of that guy strutting around in the overalls, without a shirt underneath. I mean, I know they’re comfy and they keep most everything covered, but you still gotta wear a shirt under those things. And a bowler hat? Huh? And that’s a Sunday outfit?!

In fact, fans of Firefly might think, as I did, that this guy looks a bit like Badger, the bowler-hat wearing small-time crook on Persephone who aspires to being a less small-time crook.

Anyway, I wish I could still find DUZ on the shelves, because by all appearances, DUZ did everything!

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    I remermber DUZ. I am old.

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