Play “Misty” for me

I took this on the 31st, when our post-storm warm-up was progressing along to the point that the woods behind the house were shrouded in winter mists. There’s always something magical about mists and fog, something evocative that makes it seem as if the world is shrouding itself….

(By the way, I’ll be taking a couple of days off from posting here, but I’ll be back either Monday or Tuesday. Meanwhile I’ll be starting my next newsletter installment, huzzah!!!)

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One Response to Play “Misty” for me

  1. Roger says:

    Apropos of not much, Andy Rooney had a few primetime specials about oddball things that interested him. One segment was several people singing the chorus of the song Misty. (I’ve never found the clip, only a reference to me mentioning this same factoid in my blog in 2008!).

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